Glossary of Terms

Anti-money-laundering regulations – a set of laws aimed at preventing and detecting money laundering by encouraging businesses to ‘know the customer’ before entering a business relationship with them. See ‘money laundering’.

Civil law – an area of law concerned with settling disputes between individuals or groups to establish or enforce private rights.

Client – a person or group receiving the services of a professional, in this case the services of a solicitor.

Estate – the total assets of a person who is deceased.

Executor – a person who is named in a person’s will to manage their estate.

File – all legal documents relating to a client’s case, including any letters or emails.

Letter of disengagement – a letter informing a client that the solicitor is no longer acting for them.

Letter of engagement – a letter confirming that the solicitor is willing to act for the client and outlining the terms and conditions of business.

Money laundering – illegally hiding the true origin and ownership of the proceeds of a person’s or group’s activities.

Negligence – failure to exercise the care toward others that would reasonably be expected in the same circumstances or taking action that a reasonable person would not take, both of which causing loss or damage.

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